My 1st….Featured-AUTHOR-of-the-month:

I do not have words to express how beyond taken I am with this new writer I recently discovered!  Therefore, I will give you roughly  four hundred and seventy-some words to tell you about  my newfound EXCITEMENT.

The last time I had a new author crush was a couple of years ago when I came across Lisa Unger and her “Red Hunter” (whose blurb you can access under “Book Reviews”) – but man, Walker’s narrative voice ( W H O A ) &  her ability to immediately throw me head first into the stories, these worlds she has created, is astonishing. I first dove into “The Dreamers” earlier this year and was so changed by the fictional town of Santa Lora and Mei’s story and all the other souls that lived and breathed and became my own worries and concerns throughout a telling that was equal parts horror and beauty! I knew the minute I opened the first page I wanted MORE! And by the time I got to the last page I NEEDED more of Walker’s writing.

Imagine my joy when I goggled her to find she had a debut novel I had missed some years before titled, “The Age of Miracles.” I cannot tell you how long it took me to minimize my google window (because it was under a fraction of a second) as I jumped onto Amazon to buy myself a copy. I started reading “The Age of Miracles” thinking at first, and prejudging as many of us do (despite the fact we should NOT) and questioned, given that it was her first baby, was she as lyrical, as powerful, and as precise and intimate with her words then?.

This debut would introduce us to a new fictional landscape; an apocalyptic end-of-the-world type of story with an inexperienced eleven-year-old as our central narrator. So, of course, I had my doubts…

…but then I opened the first page: “We did not sense at first the extra time, bulging from the smooth edge of each day like a tumor blooming beneath skin.”

WAIT, WHAT???? OMG! That is literally PURE POETRY: our days have smooth edges? And those edges were bulging? So much, they were like a tumor….but not any tumor…one that was “blooming beneath skin” – HOLY-MOTHER-OF-ALL-THINGS-LITERARY…..WALKER IS A GODDESS AMONG US ALL!

There is only ONE horrible, awful thing about her work….have you guessed it yet? It is AMAZING writing like Walker’s (which inspires me as a developing writer) but at the same time paralyzes me. It makes me want to stop my futile banging of the keys and pick up basket weaving or something. No ill will intended, but here’s to hoping she was a really sucky writer at some point. Fingers crossed that literary genius like hers can actually be worked at and practiced and developed (or close to it anyway).

This is the END OF MY VERY FIRST FEATURED AUTHOR POST – I will definitely do more of these – that was FUN!