NaNoWriMo 2019 Over Tomorrow!

What an interesting experiment. I started it when my daughter motivated me to join in on November 3. I took on the challenge to see for myself if I could keep up a daily writing routine – as so many master writers advise. I did not do a great job, but I did not do a poor one either. I managed about 13K words so far. I did discover that on days when much of my energy was exhausted after a day as a middle school English teacher, it was tough to get to the laptop that evening. It’s good to note that, the reality (at least of my life) is that I do not always have the ¬†energy, discipline and creativity needed to approach the keyboard daily. That as I continue to walk the writer’s path, it will have to be a slow, deliberate journey, as I juggle the constraints of a full-time working teacher.

But slow, careful and deliberate is a nice realization to make – I find that when I was rushing my projects they lacked a certain something I couldn’t put my finger on – that “thing” I know now is the deliberate part. Not just writing for the sake of finishing, but rather writing for the sake of the story, keeping in line with the needs of the characters and working with a deep respect for the narrative voice – which yes, yes, yes, we all know can be edited and corrected during the revision stage, but should not be neglected on purpose throughout the creation process if at all possible. Stopping to question the next scene, the next choice the character makes is necessary (at least for me) and would be irresponsible if I did not – asking whether I’ve stumbled upon the right point of view – second-guessing a particular word in the drafting stage is not a crime against humanity – it’s normal – it’s, in the end, how I write – therefore, however it is we write, that’s how we should proceed – despite the advise of even the greatest of literary minds – because in the end, the truth of it is, we will write it the way we write it – because it is us writing it and we know no other way but our own.