“Memory Box”

My fondest childhood memories are of toil and triumph. At that time, our house was always filled with laugher and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I would sit for hours on hardwood floors and marvel at the colorful tents I engineered out of my Mamma’s vast collection of quilts. These enormous caverns towered above me to become a refuge from the simple pains of school bullies and unfinished math homework. Other times they served as sanctuaries against my mother’s complaints of phone bills, Dad’s late work hours, and the leaky kitchen faucet. On days when the sunlight penetrated the quilts, I pretended the shapes along the nine-patch blocks were friendly faces visiting from fairy worlds, coming to share their fantastic stories. Between the indiscernible patterns, hidden along the stitching, lay the secrets of old maps leading to undiscovered treasures and endless adventure trails. In that place I dreamt of shiny, pink ballet slippers, silver astronaut suits, rusty pirate swords, and of being a mermaid, too. But it wasn’t always a magical journey. Whenever I neglected to secure the corners of the heavy fabrics, my entire fortress would come tumbling down, making gravity my enemy. Continue reading ““Memory Box””

Zen Coffee? Confuse Me?!?

It’s always best to start with the absurd, the ironic, the puzzling. This way you can spend the rest of your valuable time working backwards through the insanity, until you find a world that makes sense, or at least one that should make sense. Therefore, let us start with Zen Coffee.

Talk about your oxymorons. These two concepts are more than just “strange bedfellows”…they are at war (if you pardon my lack of Zen-sitivity). They live in opposing enemy camps plotting and rooting for the other’s demise. Tranquility & Caffeine, a great battle if ever there was one. How then, can we so easily photograph this contradiction? How can we just accept it? What is its purpose? Is it to fool us into relaxation? “Here, Zen your cares away into a soothing cup of caffeine?”–a cup that will surely have you vibrating and trying to repaint your house at two o’clock in the morning.

Coffee Art (mini editorial)

Dirceu Veiga is a Brazilian designer living in South Brazil. He works as an illustrator for children’s books. Because of Dirceu’s love of coffee he combines his illustration talent and passion for coffee to create fantastic works of art using coffee as ink.

Creating “Coffee Art” has become a very cool artistic movement that more and more artists are experimenting with.

For more than a decade, Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur, have been involved with this art movement by creating art using coffee as the medium. Check them out at their site and browse their inspiring gallery and works. If you love coffee as much as I do, you’ll be more than inspired, you’ll be moved to grab your keys and wallet and speed to your favorite coffee house to satisfy the caffeine need.

Tremors (in their gallery) is my absolute favorite because it depicts my coffee just the way I like it: up close and personal!



“Blame it on the Book Cover” (Must-Read Article)

I had to SHARE this article:

(from the site WomenOnWriting) – Great ongoing debate about the merit (or lack of) when it comes to Chic Lit and the more revered literary fiction. Are Chic Lit, Suspense, Romance, Thrillers, Sci-fi and other commercial fiction lacking the depth provided by the more serious or award-winning authors?

This next quote tries to answer that by comparing Chic Lit to chocolate:
*Disclaimer: substitute chocolate cake in the rant below for a slice of really well-written chic lit…




Caroline Leavitt and I will have to agree to disagree on this front. BECAUSE SOMETIMES A SLICE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED. I know many a day, saved by the glory of chocolate. A perfectly baked cake always puts a much-needed smile on my face. I also know how often chocolate has single-handedly saved me from the blues. That lovely, velvety slice of chocolate helps me regain my faith in humanity (which often wears thin). Of course, I also know serious literature has its place and merit. After all, I have been a literature teacher and Shakespeare super-freak for over fourteen years. I love me a Pulitzer tale as much as the next gal, I just don’t think we should devalue the beautifully spun tales of all our Chic Lit authors who share the most wonderful characters with us. So for me, on a cold, rainy day meant to stay in bed, I say, “Please hand over the Chic Lit. I’ll tackle the literary stuff later.”